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We successfully partner with corporations, trainers, individuals, facilities and  horses, to create high quality experiences, which bring humanity and evolution to individuals, relationships and teams. 


HWI programs promote improved confidence, peace of mind and accomplishment through learning with horses at Corporate Events, Wellness Retreats, and Restorative Horsemanship Sessions.  Be it in an office, at home, or in our daily journey through life, our programs enhance problem solving, positivity, leadership and team building skills in an environment of safety and integrity.


I have spent my whole life wanting nothing more than to ride a horse. The best way to benefit the horse is to give them a fair and honest introduction to life while educating the owner. I will dedicate my time and all my efforts to help a client develop a safe, fun and  accomplished  relationship with their horse.

I have trained horses in Wyoming,  Utah, Montana, Arizona, and Missouri . 

I have also recently joined forces with Bear-trap Outfitters and have access to 30 head of dude-type horses and mules. They are all well broke and have seen plenty of outside miles. Keep them in mind for your recreational or hunting operations.

The training program is developing as well. What better place to condition your horse for the trail or hunting camp than "in the field"? We have combined expertise that enables us to take most horses and prepare them for these obstacles in life.



Cress M. Nelson



I am certified through the Riding Assisted Philosophy Series offered by Leslie Matthews. I will be continuing training this year that will keep me involved with EAL. I have also completed a Level 1 Certification and am currently approaching a Level 2 Certificate with E3A as and EAL Corporate Training Coach.

Don't have time to keep your horse conditioned?

I can help!

Don't have a horse?  

I can help find and train a horse ideal for your needs!

Want to learn to ride on your own or with friends?

Single or group lessons can be arranged!

Have a horse to sell?

I will come to you, and can offer many different options/packages to make a top notch sale video!

Want to see how you ride?

I can make a video of you and your horse/horses for self analysis!